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Welcome to Fitsec's Akira Help. Here at Fitsec, we
have developed an effective way to decrypt files
recently encrypted by Akira, and we aim to assist all
organizations who have become a victim of Akira.
Unfortunately, we are unable to help individuals.
At the moment we support both the
Windows variant of Akira as well as the
Linux / VMware ESXi variant that were used
starting from September 2023.
Akira ransomware is a dangerous malware that
encrypts users' files and demands a ransom for their
restoration. This malware has been active recently and
has caused significant losses to both individuals and
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Fitsec is committed to helping those
organizations that have fallen victim to this
malware from September 2023 onwards.
We strive to assist you to the best of our
ability, so you can recover your organization's
data and secure your systems for the future.
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We are doing our best to assist every organization affected by Akira. We are currently very
busy, but we continue to work tirelessly to achieve this goal. We are here to help you.
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If you have been victimized by Akira ransomware,
do not hesitate to contact us. You can fill out the
form on this page, after which we will contact you.